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5 Facts about Rado Watches That Will Surprise You

Posted by Frank H on

Rado is a popular and well-respected brand in the world of horology and luxury. However, for most people, even if they recognize the name, they know little about its story and what it represents. Known for their elegant style and smart design, Rado watches have a fascinating history. If you love collecting watches, then you would know that each watch and each brand carries with itself little pockets of history that are a true reflection of marches in innovation and technology and shifts in consumer taste. Rado is no different. Here are some interesting historical facts about the brand that will familiarize you with their legacy:

1. Rado did not start out as a watch company

Rado started out as Schlup& Co., which was a watch-movement manufacturing company founded in 1917 in a village in Switzerland by three Guggenheim brothers. It would not be until the mid-twentieth century that the company would start building watches. RadoUhren AG began in 1957.

2. Rado was the pioneer of scratch-resistant watches

The iconic DiaStar 1, which was launched in 1962, was Rado’s gift to people who valued design and innovation. It was the first watch in the world to come equipped with scratch-resistant technology. Rado still uses this technology in their present-day creations, which sets them apart from their competition.

3. Rado made the world’s first ceramic watch with touch technology

Rado has a number of firsts to its name, another one being the first ceramic watch with touch technology. In 2013, the company launched the Esenza Cermaic Touch, which came without a crown and allowed the wearer to touch and swipe the dial to set the time.

4. Rado’s first women’s watch came out only in 1996

While today it may be easy to find Rado watches for women online, it wasn’t always so. Even though the company has been in the watch-making trade for more than half a century, it launched its first women’s watch only in 1996. The watch, called Diaqueen, was a beautiful combination of gold, ceramic and diamond details, and was of course, scratch-proof.

5. Rado created the world’s toughest watch

In 2002, Rado presented the world with V10K, which had a diamond-coated body. And that made it the world’s hardest watch. The name ‘V10K’ comes from 10,000 Vickers, with Vickers being a measurement of hardness and 10,000 being the highest value on the scale.

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