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4 Secrets To Smelling Good All Day

Posted by Frank H on

There’s something just so lovely about spraying perfume — the pretty bottles, the powerful notes, and the memories evoked from each spritz. Who doesn’t love it? While the scent is an incredibly personal and enjoyable experience, the fragrance we wear has the unique ability to completely transform the way we present ourselves, and the way people interact with us. And the key to making that beautiful aroma last is knowing where and how to apply the perfume. If you’re looking for ideas on how to smell good all day, here’s what you need to do:

Moisturize first.
Fragrances last longer when you apply them to oily skin. Before you put on your favorite perfume, be sure you prep and moisturize your skin with an unscented lotion. The reason why you should do so is scented lotion, when mixed with the perfume, can alter its smell.

Spray the perfume on your pulse points.
The warmer parts of your body, more specifically, your pulse points, are where the smell of the perfume will be most intense. On these parts, the fragrance will also last longer. Since the pressure points radiate heat naturally, they help the fragrance evaporate from your skin and spread around, hence making you smell gorgeous.

Apply the perfume right after you step out of the shower.
Timing also plays an important role in determining how long the fragrance of your perfume will last. Right after you shower, your body is clean and the pores are open. This is the best time to apply perfume because the moisture on your skin and the open pores will help lock in the smell.

Don’t rub the fragrance in.
Almost everyone has this nature to rub their wrists together after applying perfume, resist the urge. You’ll be rubbing away the top notes of the scent, which means it will not smell right or last long.

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