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3 Common Watch Myths You Should Stop Believing in

Posted by Frank H on

The first wristwatch was made in the early nineteenth century, and since then, it has become one of the most commonly worn accessories, adored by men and women alike. Despite being created centuries ago, they are one of the few accessories that have managed to maintain their legacy. Traditional watches are appreciated for their value and the elegance they add to the appearance of the wearer. Although owing to their long and illustrious history, there have also been countless myths associated with watches, most of which are misleading and false. Here are some of them:

1. The more expensive the watch, the better.

It is a common misconception among the masses that a hefty price tag always means good quality. That is simply not true. You will find that several affordable watch brands make better quality watches than brands that charge thousands of dollars for their creations. Yes, many luxury brands do offer impeccable quality but you must generalize that idea.

2. ‘Swiss-made’ means made entirely in Switzerland.

If a watch says ‘Swiss-made’, most people think that it is made in Switzerland. That is not completely true. The ‘Swiss-made’ tag does not mean that it has been made entirely in Switzerland – entirely being the keyword here. Swiss law allows watch-brands to use that tag if at least 60% of the components are manufactured in Switzerland and the first and last wheel are placed in the country.

3. Size does not matter.

When buying a watch, most people ignore one of the most important things to consider, which the size of the dial is. Dials come in a range of different sizes and you need to know exactly which size is suited for your wrist. For instance, smaller dials complement thin wrists and if you decide to wear a bigger one, it will not only look clumsy but also take away from the beauty of the timepiece.

Now that you know that these myths are false, it is time you stop believing them. Check out our luxury watch collections for women and men. We have a selection of watches that include leather watches, embellished watches and stainless steel watches for women and men, among others.

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