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5 Unwritten Watch-Wearing Rules For Men That You Should Follow

Posted by Frank H on

Men who possess an acute sense of style know that wearing black shoes with a brown belt is unacceptable. So is wearing a dress shirt with jeans and sneakers. When it comes to watches, the rules can often seem to be a little blurred. It is not completely uncommon to see men strutting around wearing a diver’s watch with their business suit (a huge faux pas!) or glancing at their timepiece every five minutes during meetings, whether formal or informal.

Learning the rules, albeit unwritten, of watch-wearing can help you avoid making such mistakes. Here are some:

1. Wear your watch on your non-dominant hand.

When you wear your watch on your dominant hand, there are higher chances of it getting damaged. The logic here is pretty simple: you likely use your dominant hand to do most of the work, thus making your watch more vulnerable to unfortunate accidents like scratching or bumping.

2. Match the watch to the forma quotient of the outfit.

There is no bigger watch-wearing mistake than the wrongful pairing of watch and outfit. For instance, a sharp, business look can be easily ruined if you pair it with a calculator watch with a rubber strap. On the other hand, a smart metallic analog watch will compliment it perfectly. You should know which watch types pair well with which outfits.

3. Ensure that your watch fits properly.

Long gone are the days when oversized watches hanging precariously from your wrists were a thing! Now, you should make sure that your watch fits your wrist perfectly, with the face slightly grazing your wrist bone. Also, do not make the band too tight or too loose.

4. Be respectable when checking the time.

Even if the sole reason for you wearing a watch is to check the time, you should be careful about the negative social implications of that seemingly innocent act. When you keep checking your watch in the middle of a meeting, a date or any social event, it means that you can’t wait for the event to get over because you have other things to do. You wouldn’t want people to think that, would you?

5. It is always best to admire another man’s watch from a distance.

Touching a man’s wallet or phone is considered to be impolite. Touching his watch is too. Surprised? Touching someone’s watch is not just socially awkward but in doing so, you can also accidentally leave a scratch or a mark on the watch. However, if someone takes their watch off the wrist and hands it to you, it would be impolite to decline.

Armed with these rules, watch-wearing should now be a cakewalk for you. And if you don’t already own an elegant timepiece, check out our online store to discover a world of branded and designer offerings, including Calvin Klein, Balmain, Christian Dior, and Movado men’s watches. Take your pick from classic options such as Movado Men’s Series 800 Watch and Balmain Men's Balmainia BD 100 Ceramic Watch.

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